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Assistant Principal

Assistant principals play a great role in the development of schools. The number of assistant principals increased from 44,000 to nearly 81,000. This increase in the number of assistant principals happened between 1990 and 2016. There have been many types of research about how an assistant principal helps to advance education quality, manage school activities, and many more. A good assistant principal has a positive impact on student’s achievement as well as staff. Assistant principals can be strategically used to prepare them for the future role of a principal by ensuring it provides a lot of leadership experiences and professional development. There are many recommendations according to the recent research for the development of assistant principals. At the time of selection, major responsibilities and duties should be told. Schools need to provide various leadership tasks to develop leadership and professional skills. A unique system of selection for assistant principals should be implemented in schools.

Assistant principals play a great role in laying out and implementing policies of a school. They sometimes coordinate with principals and sometimes with staff. Assistant principals also help in setting goals and objectives for both extracurricular activities and instruction.
The qualities of the best assistant principal are problem-solving skills, strong interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, critical thinking skills, good judgment, and confidence.

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