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Assessment of Learning

Assessment of learning is the concept that sums up an individual’s performance, which is carried out at the end of an examination, test, project, or any other task. This method evaluates the student’s understanding of a subject. It is also known as a formative assessment.

It compares a student’s achievement with the other students in the class. This type of assessment is designed to give evidence in the documented form to parents, educators, students, employers, or institutions. 

Assessment of learning results is shown in the form of grades, appraisals, and reviews to know how well the individual has performed. This method also helps to understand the areas that require attention in a student, so that focus can be shifted more in that field. 

Assessment of learning thus leads to the overall growth of an individual in a documented manner.

Teachers play a pivotal role in the assessment of learning for students. They must make students aware of the methods of judgment, assessment process, and the steps to follow in case of a disagreement in the judgment. This helps to develop a healthy student-teacher relationship and make students aware of the assessment process.

A student’s academic performance is regularly accessed with a benchmark to determine which factors are restricting them to reach their full potential. Once these factors are realized, teachers then implement methods to make adjustments in their teaching methods that match students’ understanding. This helps to create better academic achievements.

Assessment of learning is not restricted to classrooms or being physically present but also in the online space. There are different types of assessments to ensure that all the aspects are covered when a student is analyzed.

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