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Article Writing Format

Students should know the Article Writing Format. An article is a piece of writing intended for a large audience. Article writing is a style of writing that aims to reach a big audience. Writing an article for a newspaper or magazine is a difficult task. It is written in such a way that it can inform the broader public about a specific topic. There are several types of article writing. Newspaper article writing, magazine article writing, SEO article writing, internet article writing, freelance article writing, and so on are all examples of article writing. Within these articles, there are also divisions.

Depending on the writer and the customer, some of the articles, such as online article writing and freelance article writing, might be descriptive or narrative. The majority of people are familiar with a few types of article writing. There are various types, including narrative and descriptive, as well as a variety of others. Persuasive and expository writing are the two forms of article writing. Article Writing Format should be proper otherwise no one will read it. Students should go through the article first and check the article writing format before publishing. Keep the article simple and easy to understand. The target audience should be known first and then proceed. 

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