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Apprenticeship Meaning

Learning about the skills and getting knowledge of the subject matter is crucial before performing a job. On-the-job training gives the trainee the ability to perform well and fulfill their scope of work. Apprenticeship is one of the methods that prepares a person for the challenges in the labor industry. The apprenticeship meaning is a system for training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession. Moreover, this training might help an individual gain a license to practice trade in their chosen field. 

Many trainees are confused about apprenticeship meaning before starting their training period. However, the terms of this training differ across different sectors, professions, roles, and cultures. In some cases, the successful completion of this training period may help an individual get a permanent job at a company. This term is also denoted by other terms like internship and traineeship. However, the meaning of all these terms are similar to apprenticeship meaning. 


The history of apprenticeship dates back to the middle ages. This system was supervised by craft guilds and town governments. Young and majorly under-trained individuals were provided as an inexpensive form of labor in exchange of fooding, lodging, and formal training in their preferred craft areas. Earlier, most trainees were male, but female trainees were also found in certain fields. For example, crafts such as tailor, baker, stationer, cordwainer, and seamstress preferred women trainees. 

The apprenticeship can be divided into two major categories, including:

  • Independent apprenticeships are the ones managed and organized by employers without any interference from educational institutions.
  • Cooperative apprenticeships are the ones organized by the cooperation between educational institutions and employers.

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