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APA Full Form

APA Full Form

APA Full Form is American Psychological Association. The APA Style offers rather detailed guidelines for writing academic papers. It is typically followed by the students or researchers belonging to the realm of  Social Sciences, including Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology, Economics, Criminology, etc. This style is followed to avoid plagiarism. 

APA style is followed while writing scholarly journals, articles, research papers so on and so forth. This style contains in-text citations and a reference page. If you are paraphrasing or quoting an author, you will be doing in-text citations by mentioning the author’s name in the text and also the year the work was published. You will have to do citations for texts that are not written by you. The reference page has a list of all the sources you might have cited in your research work and this page gives detailed information regarding the source.

On the reference page, the information will be provided as follows. The names of the authors come first (last name, first name). The publication year is then indicated in parenthesis. The title is mentioned next (with only the first word of the title, the first word after the colon, and proper nouns capitalized). The volume number, the journal name (in italics), and finally the article’s pages are provided after that.

MLA format is used for writing research papers in the arts and humanities just like APA format is followed in the Social Sciences

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