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Answer Sheet

Answer Sheet

An answer sheet is a collection of papers that the students use during their exams to write their answers on. If the students are appearing for offline exams, then they are more likely to get the answer sheet from their institution’s side. Students can ask for as many answer sheets as they want, however, while taking the extra sheets, students should remember to fill their details like their roll number, class, name, subject, etc. Not mentioning these details on the answer sheet may lead to inconvenience in case the sheets get misplaced. It is important the students attach those extra sheets well with the main sheet, students can also number their sheets in order to avoid confusions. It is also important that their sheets look presentable and attractive to read. Here are a few tips that the students can use in order to score some extra marks while the teachers check their sheets-
1- Keep the sheets neat and tidy- Teachers really appreciate it when the sheets they receive for correction are neat and tidy. Students should keep their sheets neat in, at least the few starting pages.
2- Good handwriting- Students should make sure that their handwriting is good enough to keep the teachers reading their answers.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology