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The AICTE whose full form is All India Council for Technical Education. It is a high-level Advisory Body to administer an examination on the facilities accessible for technical education and to promote development in the nation in a collective and integrated manner, it was founded in 1945. AICTE conducts the conference of the Council with 44 members including ex-officio and appointed members exemplifying various organizations as per the laid down protocols. It is a body that is accountable for accrediting all postgraduate and graduate programs, under particular classifications of technology for Indian institutions. The AICTE Act was to provide for the association of an All India Council for Technical Education with a view to proper planning and conformed development of a technical teaching system throughout the country, the growth of qualitative advancements of such education about planning. This council is a non-profitable institution constituted to work towards Mission India 2020 on a national level. The central purpose of AICTE is to enhance the technical skills of the youngsters in the country. Technical education, the educational and vocational preparation of students for jobs in applied science and modern technology. Technical education has as its goals as the preparation of graduates for employment that are ranked above the skilled aptitudes but below the scientific or engineering faculties. Low skills eternalize poverty and imbalance. When done in the right way, skills development can decrease unemployment, boost productivity, and improve quality of living. Helping nations develop and revamp their skills makes economic understanding.

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