Agile Learning

Agile learning refers to a method used by schools, colleges and other educational institutions, which uses incremental steps, to facilitate faster learning. These steps usually start with a learning phase, followed by a group collaboration on a project using an iterative process to meet curriculum expected results. 

The agile learning method functions with scrum teams (a group of people) and daily updates that allow continuous tracking of the progress. These scrum teams are usually given a period of time to reach their desired output and submit their deliverables. Usually, these time-based goals are shorter than a month to drive innovation and effective learning. Each kid is unique and the way they learn is different. Agile learning is an attempt to speed the process.

The timeframes in this learning (also known as sprints) allow students to track their learning progress and reflect on their mistakes. This enables faster growth and motivates students to improve and prioritize necessary tasks over others. Additionally, these learning activities also allow students to align their learning objectives with their results.

This way of learning has proven to be the fastest way to acquire knowledge and improve cognitive ability. Agile learning creates a collaborative yet competitive environment facilitating motivated efforts towards improved results after every phase.

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