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Adjunct Professor Salary

Adjunct Professor Salary

A lot of people ask for Adjunct Professor’s salaries, let us first know more about Adjunct professors’ Salaries. A professor who is hired on a part-time, contractual basis, and does not have a proper working period or tenure is referred to as an adjunct professor. They do not hold the responsibilities of a full-time professor but do teach like full-time professors. They can also be called guest lecturers.

Adjunct Professors are not required to publish papers, hold or attend meetings, and conduct research. They are exempted from most of the responsibilities of a full-time professor. They hold prominent positions elsewhere but are required to spend time with students to fulfill their teaching responsibility. Regardless, they should have ample enough skills. They play an equal role in imparting quality education to the students and their role cannot be sidelined.

They teach preparatory undergraduate courses and introductory subjects and are hired on a semester basis. In addition, adjunct professors, in some places, are required to possess a master’s or a doctoral degree to get the job of a part-time educator, but not necessarily everywhere. It depends on the level of education they are imparting. 

Some community colleges and vocational education schools hire adjunct professors with bachelor’s degrees and good work experience in the teaching field. The limited-term faculty are expected to teach like full-time faculty. The salaries of adjunct professors are a bit low when compared to full-time professors, and the roles and responsibilities of adjunct professors are also less in comparison. Adjunct Professor Salary can be expected somewhere between INR 30,000- 80,000. This number may vary from university to university. 

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