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विशेषण – Adjective

One of the most searched concept on the internet is विशेषण. It is a concept of the subject Hindi and people are keen to know more about the concept. विशेषण is as Adjective in English. Any noun or pronoun that describes the characteristics of words is known as an Adjective or विशेषण. For example- Big, tall, beautiful, short, pretty, handsome, etc.

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People will not understand or, to put it another way, will not receive adequate information about nouns or pronouns if adjectives are absent. Students can employ a variety of adjectives in various sentences. Students can use comparative adjectives in sentences involving the comparison of two different individuals or things. In the comparison adjectives, words like more, faster, reasonable, and more can be utilized. When two or more individuals or objects are compared, superlative adjectives are employed to suggest which is the best or most extreme. The smartest, loudest, most impressive, and least valuable words are all instances of superlative adjectives. In the phrase predicate, a predicate adjective appears as the subject object rather than directly next to the noun or pronoun it modifies. In sentences and subordinate clauses, predicate adjectives come after connecting verbs. Compound adjectives are frequently made up of multiple words connected together by a hyphen. Endless, strabismus, and fluency are instances of compound adjectives. Possessive adjectives are frequently used to express possession. My, yours, him, and others are the most regularly used possessive adjectives. These are a few examples of adjectives.

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