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Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is a form of teaching, keeping in mind the student’s individual needs, conducted with computer algorithms. It allows the teacher to give out customized learning resources to each catering to the needs in an exclusive way. 

Adaptive Learning is also a form of digital learning as the teaching methods are aided by computer algorithms that pick up every student’s speed and learning capacity. The data is then processed to give out various choices to the students. They are then free to choose their path within a specific course. It goes without saying that this is a beneficial approach.

This allows them to go on their pace without feeling the need to rush or slow down due to the rest of the students. Adaptive learning coordinates the actions taken by the students as indicated by their responses, and the algorithm thus creates an individual path. 

This type of learning is usually from predetermined modules and applied systematically. It benefits the students by addressing their unique needs through real-time feedback and customized content, enabling adaptive teaching through a data-driven approach. This will help[ to significantly improve their achievement. Adaptive Learning allows the engagement of students with active learning where they are a part of the learning process. 

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