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Academic Probation

What is academic probation? Academic probation refers to a warning given to a student due to poor academic performance. It is provided when the student’s performance falls below the standard set by the university or institute. Most universities consider the overall GPA and grades of the students. 

However, this probation is not an indication that a student is being asked to leave. On the contrary, students are provided with a fixed period to prove their academic progress. The period allotted to them is generally a semester. The policies and standards of each institute are different and need to manage the school structure, and they are mostly explained in their catalog. Academic probation is a matter of concern and is an acknowledgment by the university that the student is in jeopardy of being dismissed. 

The period of probation involves a diminished course load. It is done to allow the student to spend additional time on each course. Academic probation is like a wake-up call to the student, asking them to make amends in due period. The student on probation can be asked to take workshops or regularly meet with an academic advisor. In some severe cases, students might be asked to consider counseling as well. After the probationary period, if a student fails to raise their performance and grades, they may be expelled or suspended. Teachers can help students prepare for exams and help them through the way.

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