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Academic Bank of Credit

Academic Bank of Credit often abbreviated as ABC is a virtual or digital storehouse that contains all the information on the credits earned by the students throughout the course of their learning journey. It will help students open accounts and give them several options for entering and leaving colleges and universities. There will be several exit & entry points during the higher education tenure. Credits will be transferred through the Academic Bank of Credit seamlessly. 

ABC can be considered as a prime reference to check the credit record of any random student at any point in time. Hence, the concept of ABC is to boost the efficiency of the faculty and help students embrace a multidisciplinary educational approach. The idea is to make students skilled professionals and aid their overall growth. In a nutshell, the Academic Bank of Credit will be a game changer in revitalizing Indian education to a great extent.

It will be responsible for opening, closing, and validating the academic accounts of students. It will carry out tasks like credit verification, credit transfer or redemption of students, and credit accumulation. The courses have online as well as distance mode courses that are offered by the government and institutes. The validity of the academic credits gained by students will be up to 7 years and students will be able to redeem these credits.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology