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Absentees Meaning

Absentees meaning is persons who are not present where they should be, such as at home or at work. Absentees is the plural form of absentee. They typically keep their distance from someone or something. They are the kind who don’t show up when they’re supposed to. A broader definition to absentees include students being absent frequently in school. Absentee’s meaning is different in different scenarios but in a school environment absentees mean students who are absent for the particular period or class. According to the Oxford dictionary the meaning of absentees is – a person who is not at a place where they were expected to be. In school, students are expected to maintain a regular attendance. There is an attendance register where everyday the teacher in every school takes attendance for all students present in class, where she or he marks who is present in the class and who is absent from the class. In a traditional class teachers use a register and in an online class system, the software through which institutions take classes have they’re online system of marking attendance where they can know about who are absent from the class. Tracking the attendance or looking at who is absent is a important task for every teacher, every class because it helps them keep a track of their students and how they are attending classes.  

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