Life Skills Education

Life is not just about the theoretical knowledge that a person holds neither is it about the values or skills one holds, in fact, life is a combination of both of them and tests a person on the basis of both of them. And as Truslow Adams quotes “There are obviously two kinds of education. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live”. This quote is in itself sufficient to explain how important both academic education as well as life skills education is.

So what is Life skills education?
Life skills education covers the life skills that play a major role in helping an individual live life to the fullest and in a good manner. For example- If a person ‘A’ and person ‘B’ are experiencing a rough patch in life and person ‘B’ discusses his problems with his family and friends, whereas person ‘A’ hesitates in expressing and talking about his feelings to someone. As a result person, ‘B’ would get rid of his problems really soon unlike person ‘A’. Do you know why? Simply because person ‘B’ decided to communicate with others, and communication is a life skill.
Did you observe how a mere life skill made the life of person ‘B’ easier and convenient? The only reason for promoting life skills education is to make individuals more independent, happier, and confident. Life skills education should be added into the curriculum of the students from primary classes itself. Some major life skills that can be taught under this structure are critical thinking, communication, confidence, empathy, etc. Such skills not only help a person feel confident and calm but also ensure rapid personal and professional growth of an individual. From better relationships to great promotions, life skills can help an individual achieve everything.

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