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Teachers can use the adaptable TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework) to design settings that support productive technological learning. It can aid educators who want to incorporate technology into their classrooms in developing pedagogical approaches, instructional strategies, and evaluation tools.

Technological Knowledge (TK), Content Knowledge (CK), Pedagogical Knowledge (PK), and their intersections are three of the seven components that make up the TPACK framework. Technology knowledge (TK) is the knowledge that may be picked up by exposure to or experience with technology in various contexts. CK, or content knowledge, is the knowledge that may be acquired through reading, watching videos, listening to lectures, etc. as well as through taking part in practical activities with experts in particular fields. The term “PK” refers to pedagogical knowledge that can be acquired through classroom teaching techniques, peer learning, online discussion groups, video conferencing sessions, etc., as well as offline interactions like mentoring relationships between teachers and students/classes who have similar interests or experiences in their field (s).

TPACK is a framework that teachers can utilize while instructing students using technology. It gives them a clear understanding of how to successfully use technology in their lessons and a set of guiding principles.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology