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An academic tenure can be considered a parameter set for the teacher’s academic freedom since a tenure can safeguard their position in a school, college, or university as a teacher/professor. 

In other words, a tenure can work as a grant to protect them from losing their job without any specific reason. For example, if a professor is appointed for a term of 10 years, then that will safeguard their position in the education institution for the next 10 years, and nobody can replace that professor for the duration of their term.

It is a specific amount of time or status granted to a teacher that restricts the authority to fire them except in case of a justifiable reason, which is known as academic tenure. However, the concept of an academic term only exists in a few countries and is not a universal thing. 

The tenure post can also be given to teaching assistants who are appointed to aid the primary teachers in schools, colleges, and universities. A teacher who is appointed on terms can be terminated shortly if the term assigned is short. 

Many intellectuals in favour of tenures believe that tenures are necessary to acquire talented professors and uplift an institution’s educating process. In addition, they have also agreed that many researchers require extreme specialisation and hence, their positions must be supported by tenure for them to conduct their research without having to worry about their livelihood.

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