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Technology in Education

What is technology in education? Technology in education is also stated as educational technology or Ed Tech. The combination of computer hardware and software with educational theory facilitates the learning of students.  

Additionally, educational technology can be based on theoretical knowledge from several disciplines such as educational sociology, artificial intelligence, computer science, and communications. Further, educational technology also helps students learn through various mediums such as computer-based training, online learning, and other mobile technologies. 

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology has defined technology in education as “the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.” 

In other words, educational technology refers to the process of integrating technology in education with the objective of diversifying the learning environment for students. Examples of what is technology in education include interactive screens in classrooms, online training sessions held during the pandemic, as well as usage and development of school-centric applications for assignment and submission of homework. 

Importance of technology in education

As we know, technological advancement is increasing day by day. To keep up with the digital transformation, teachers must teach the necessary skills to students which will help them in their respective careers. The importance of technology in education is discussed in detail below: 

Develops connections and increases communication With the help of technology, teachers can engage better with students during regular lessons. Through various online quizzes and learning games, the students can collaborate effectively with the teachers. Many other collaborative activities help students interact better with each other. This helps them in sharing their ideas and enhances their performance.

Makes the teaching process interesting and effective. Using technology in education helps in expanding learning opportunities for the children. Teachers can make the optimum use of technology and make the teaching process more fun and understandable for the children. What is technology in education is a concept that everyone must understand as it makes learning very easy. 

The effective use of technology in education helps in increasing student engagement and facilitates personalized learning. The above information discusses the concept of what is technology in education and its importance. 

What is technology in education,  has proven as a way of enhancing the potential of the industry. By leveraging the power technology, educational technology has enabled the automation of various tasks, allowing teachers to facilitate the classroom effectively. Through careful analysis of the role of technology in the education sector, better outcomes can be expected from individual student performances, hence, uplifting the performance of the classroom as a whole.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology