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Team Teaching

Team teaching refers to teaching activities carried out by a group of instructors who cooperatively work to help a set of students learn better. These groups of students can belong to any age range. The group of instructors is expected to set specific goals for the course, come up with a syllabus for the students, design individual plans that will help them teach the students in a better manner, and conduct a final assessment of this entire process.

Based on the review of the team teaching process, these instructors may also share insights with each other, or debate with each other to figure out a better approach. When nothing works, they may also ask the students to vote for a better approach. The team-teaching approach can work better than a standard classroom teaching approach as it encourages better teacher-student interactivity. 

These team teachings may revolve around a single discipline or can also be interdisciplinary. At the same time, teachers teams may also belong to different schools who come together with common objectives to teach a particular group of students. 

In team teaching projects, most of the time, veteran teachers are paired with new, inexperienced ones so that new teachers can build their teaching skills and gain insights on how to build better teaching strategies. 

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