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Teaching Video

It is very important for an educator at today’s date that they know to make a proper teaching video. Making a teaching video is not a tough task if you follow the required steps in making the perfect video for your students or learners. Confidence is one trait educators need while making a teaching video, they should be sure of what they are teaching or educating their audience. Talk naturally, just like you are teaching your audience in an offline class. 

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One point to note is that your teaching video shouldn’t be too lengthy; it should be for a maximum of 6 mins when it’s a recorded one. Some students have a very short attention span, henceforth it is important that you keep fun elements in your teaching video. It is also important to chunk instructions such that each video covers a single learning objective or task, and nothing more. Multiple short videos are better than one long video. Setting up your environment is essential in recording your teaching videos.

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Set up your surroundings in accordance with the theme of the subject. Next step in making a teaching video is that it’s better not to script your videos, just talk casually as you would do in real classrooms. Also do not forget to include fun elements like quizzes or videos in the teaching video so that the audience or students do not lose interest quickly. 

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