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Teaching Tips

teaching tips

Nowadays the way of teaching has changed a lot. We see how everything changed to online mode. There are approximately 85 million teachers in the world. Everyone has their different ways of teaching. There are several teaching tips you should keep in mind while teaching in today’s scenario. Many times students are sick or miss the class so take advantage of online classes and record your lecture for students to see later.

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You should show your face while teaching as it is more interactive. Ask students frequently if they have any doubt or are not able to understand a topic. Do not give them many assignments to do in less duration because this loses their interest in the subject and they will take that subject as a burden. Use pen tabs and other tools to make the classes more interactive. Turn the boring topics into interesting topics by telling them examples and diagrams or giving them situations so that they take interest in the topic. You should keep in mind all the teaching tips while teaching. 

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As online classes are a new experience for all teachers and students. So keep it simple. Don’t make any task complex. Easily provide the instructions. Provide notes on Google classroom regularly. Engaging with students is a must. If you follow these teaching tips nicely your teaching will improve.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology