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Teaching Poetry

Teaching Poetry has been a great way to appeal to children in loving the language they are learning. It lays the foundation for the appreciation of the language they have been taught. Teaching poetry educates children about their emotions and helps in enhancing their power of imagination. Teaching poetry helps children to run through their own lines of imagination in creating characters and writing fictional articles.

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Teaching poetry is used to inspire and stimulate children in the art of writing from a young age. One of the best ways in teaching poetry initially is by reading the poem aloud with all the required expressions. Reading aloud can help students learn about phonics and letter sounds by locating rhyming words. Reading poetry aloud can help in building empathy and trust in the classroom community while emphasizing speaking and listening skills. Teaching Poetry is one of the most important parts in teaching literature in schools and colleges. Even in universities teaching poetry is practiced in literature classes as learning poetry itself gives students a healthy outlet of emotions.

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Reading and writing poetry can help develop important language and literacy skills. Poetry helps writers in shaping emotions in form of framed words. Poetry enables students to understand and appreciate the world around them. It helps students to respect and understand the viewpoints of people all across the world. It is also stated that writing poetry is an art. 

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