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Teaching Online-Best Tips

The Corona Virus outbreak has changed the; landscape of education worldwide. Almost all educational institutions are now utilizing online modes of education. Although teachers have accepted this change, designing an online course is easier said than done. It takes lots of energy and time. As of now, we will stick to fundamentals. Here we present few tips that you can make use of while teaching online – 

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1. Live stream your lectures, but don’t forget to record them as well. 

While live-streaming a lecture will give you a better idea as well as a feeling of a class lecture, but it is to be understood equally that your students can be unwell as well. They can also struggle with internet access and chances are, that they would most likely miss the streaming because of the same. Hence, it is really important for you to record your lectures as well, every time you decide to stream live. This will make sure that your students do not miss important lectures and classes in general. 

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2. Switch on your web camera. 

It has been proved that lectures, in which mentors switch on their cameras to reveal their faces while giving instructions, are better received by students. This only gives a human touch to the entire virtual process and gives a psychological sense of belongingness to the students. 

3. Shorter videos for the win! 

It has been proved that video lectures that are more than 15 minutes long tend to distract students while making them uninterested. It is advised that teachers should rather make 2-3 short videos of the same topic. This makes the lecture digestible for students. 

4. Always double test the slides. 

It is always advised that teachers must double-check the working and sequencing of slides or presentations on their devices before presenting them to the class. It is also advised that teachers should check for font, color as well as texture of the same. 

5. Assign interactive activities 

Online education platforms like Teachmint provide you with the facility to make sure that your online teaching experience is a success. It enables you to share group-based tasks and assignments easily with your students while interacting with them in the most efficient ways. It has been observed that providing interactive group-based projects and assignments to the students increases their performance and interactivity in online classes. 

6. Expect reasonably! 

Quizzes can be used to test knowledge as well as awareness of students on a certain topic. Similarly, summarizing a topic also gives a better glimpse to the students about a certain topic. This will give a teacher as well students an opportunity to understand the shortcomings, to work on them in the future. 

7. Attendance for performance.

Attendance should be given on the basis of the performance of students on an assigned task. This will give both the sense of activeness as well as give a motive to students to participate in a particular lecture actively. 

8. Group communication must be used cautiously. 

Teachers must understand that the option of group communication is present to facilitate teaching, but not to depend on it. It must never be used to teach directly. Rather, virtual video conferencing is always a better option. 

9. Let students be in charge

You may form small groups of students and assign them a group task that they may perform in unity. This can be preceded by ice-breaking sessions so that each student may be familiar with each other. Any communication tools can be used by the students for this purpose. This activity can actually make students socially active and supportive of each other. 

10. Don’t conceal what you feel. 

Being emotionally confronting can actually be beneficial for an online class, given the teacher is able to express what they feel openly without passive emotions. Be open to your students about your first time experiencing an online class. This will only lend you more helping hands. 

These were few simple tasks that you can perform to carry out an amazing online teaching experience. Online teaching is a very new concept in the history of education. Of course, it will take time for you to adjust to it, but it is only expanding the horizons of freedom and opportunities for you as a teacher! Hope you found the substance of value through this blog. Stay tuned for more articles on online education. Till then happy teaching! 

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