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Teaching Job

Teaching Job
Teaching job is one of the most commonly known jobs in India, it is considered a highly respectable profession. The profession offers independent working pattern to the teachers, they can choose the teaching strategies that suits their classroom. Teaching is also considered as an ever-learning process and hence a large umber of people go for teaching job.

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The candidates willing to become teachers in the future need to be qualified to get the job. The teachers are expected to be patient while dealing with the students. There are various educational degrees that can help the candidates in understanding the job role well. Two such important and famous degrees are B.Ed and BTC. BEd degree is a two-year course that the NCTE has made compulsory for all teaching aspirants.

Understand the difference between B.Ed and BTC. Also read everything about Teachers’ Eligibility Test.

No further degree is mandatory for someone to land a teaching job in India. Candidates can pursue B.Ed through distance learning and in-class teaching. Whereas, The Basic Training Certificate is a two-year NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education, Government of India)-recognized certificate program that prepares individuals to teach in elementary schools. The program assists applicants in learning all of the abilities necessary to excel in the job of a teacher. In order to get the teaching job, the candidates must hold either of the degrees totally depending on their teaching interest(the classes they want to teach).

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