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Teaching in Hindi

Teaching in Hindi isn’t a hard task to do, if you’re a native speaker. Teaching in Hindi is basically taken up by teachers or professors who are fluent in the language. As Hindi being the language of communication in mainland India, kids start speaking in Hindi since childhood, they use it as the language of communication.

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Kids start using their family dialects in Hindi in the middle states of India, yet they still need to learn Hindi in school to know about the language in depth, apart from the colloquial one. Teaching in Hindi is done all by Hindi subject teachers. Teaching in Hindi requires a teacher or professor who is fluent in the language who could teach children from the basics like alphabets to proper grammar to be used.

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Teaching in Hindi is also done in Hindi medium schools, i.e., schools which have Hindi as the language of communication, have all teachers who are always teaching in Hindi, be it math or science or social studies, they teach in Hindi as a language. Most CBSE schools all across the country have Hindi as a language till the 8th grade. After 8th grade, students are given the option to choose the language they would like to learn further. The options include – Hindi and native languages in accordance with the diverse states in India. A lot of schools also have French, German and Mandarin and other languages as options. Most schools in India focus on language learning along with other subjects like math, science, social studies and more. 

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