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Teaching Exams in India

The teachers influence the life of uncountable students directly or indirectly and to master that art a teacher should be qualified in all ways. The teaching exams in India are conducted in order to examine the candidate on the basis of their knowledge of the subject they want to teach as well as their understanding of student behavior.

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To become a teacher in today’s times isn’t easy at all for everyone knows how respectful and beautiful a job being a teacher is and hence the great competition. To enter and succeed in such a competitive sector, the candidates should prepare themselves for every thick and thin. In earlier times becoming a teacher was easier as the eligibility to become a teacher was as simple as having the required educational degree(B.Sc, M.Sc, M.A, Ph.D., etc) and they could apply for teacher posts at schools or colleges.

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But the times have changed now and qualifying for the required teaching exams in India has been made compulsory. Different vacancies may require different kinds and levels of teaching exams to be qualified. The teaching exams have the exact same role to play in the process of filtering the best teachers and recruit them at different institutions. These teaching exams in India like TET, NET, CTET, etc consists of questions from the subjects like general knowledge, social science, reasoning ability, child pedagogy, and child psychology, etc. The exams not only test the candidates on the basis of their knowledge of the subjects but also on the basis of the general understanding of student behavior. Some teaching exams in India may also ask situational questions to understand the candidate’s way of dealing with the situation. All these exams starting from TET to NET have the same agenda, which is to recruit the most effective and efficient teachers for the students and benefit them in the best way possible.

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