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Teaching Competencies

Teaching competencies are the skills and knowledge that help a teacher be successful in teaching. To enhance student learning, teachers must have expertise in a wide range of teaching competencies so that they are able to deal with every student having different learning styles.

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Teaching competencies include skills like communication and interpersonal skills, under which come competencies like acting as a role model to their students, having clear verbal communication skills, and assuming responsibility, etc. Next, under teaching competencies, comes organisation and planning, classroom management, facilitation and engagement, and assessment and coaching.

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Adding to these are more teaching competencies, namely: – Collaboration and Teamwork and Caring and Inclusiveness and Flexibility and Adaptability. These teaching competencies include skills or competencies like participating in team decision making, contributing and demonstrating responsibility for team decisions, and demonstrating a commitment to each student and their unique needs in the classroom environment. Teaching competencies are critical for the ‘well-development’ of students and the provision of high-quality education, particularly for students at vocational institutions. Teaching competencies will benefit students’ academic development and skills while also assisting teachers in improving their teaching methods. Teaching competencies also include skills such as organising the classroom environment so that students can learn in a healthy system. It also includes planning effective lesson plans and implementing them on time. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology