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Teaching Aptitude

Aptitude can be defined as someone’s natural ability to do something. Teaching aptitude, hence, refers to an individual’s innate ability in teaching. In addition to this, it can also be defined as the ability of a person to teach, once they are given the necessary training.

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Teaching aptitude is a necessity to become a good teacher. UGC NET exam has included aptitude and its application in the syllabus. Teaching aptitude includes various things such as levels of teaching, applications of teaching skills, understanding the characteristics of learners, preparing teaching aids, understanding the learning environment, etc are some of the topics that fall under teaching aptitude.

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What a teacher is, is more important than what they teach. The influence of a teacher knows no bounds. Teachers with good aptitude can make a huge difference and make learning effective and interesting. Even if an individual does not have an innate ability to teach, they can be trained to acquire those skills. This is why teacher training and teacher education is of utmost importance. This training is conducted in all teacher training programs and through micro teaching exercises aspiring teachers are taught these skills.

Teaching is not just about subject knowledge. There’s more to education than syllabus and curriculum. A great teacher is one who understands the essence of education in its entirety.

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