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Teaching Aids

Teaching aids refer to supplementary materials used by teachers for better teaching.  Teaching aids help the teachers to carry out interesting sessions for the students in a way that they can retain a maximum of their learning. The aids come in different forms; some of the vital and common ones include videos, pictures, objects, and flashcards. 

The teaching aids even include educational toys or 3-D models, which can be a great supplement to basic teaching. For instance, teaching the students via a lecture or online session using animated videos or PowerPoint presentations is a great use of teaching aids. The key objective of using the aids is to get better student engagement for the subjects taught. 

Most of the time, aids are used in primary schools, and sometimes in higher classes as well. One should not get confused between aids and teacher’s aide, as the two are two different things. The former helps in making the teaching effective, while the latter are people who help and support the teachers in a classroom. 

Teachers and tutors often use visual aids to make learning effective. Besides, it also helps in developing other skills like presenting the ideas and helping students to focus and gain the information effectively.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology