Teacher Training

What is teacher training? To become a teacher, one should get ample enough, relevant training and guidance. These training programs cover a wide range of things like teaching skills, subject matter knowledge, microteaching, and likewise. A teacher is responsible for a child’s growth and to put their best foot forward teachers need to keep themselves updated as the education system keeps on evolving. Teacher training ensures that the teachers are capable enough to do the same. Not only do the data and information keep on changing but teaching patterns are ever-changing too. The shift from traditional teaching to Online teaching through online teaching apps is a perfect example of the same. To deliver the best of their abilities and help the students in the best way possible, the teachers should undergo multiple teacher-training programs available out there.

Bachelor of Education(B.ed)– B.Ed is known as a two-year bachelor’s degree, although, it can only be pursued after the completion of one’s graduation for example- B.A, B.sc, B.com, etc.

Basic Training Certificate(BTC)– Commonly known as BTC, it is a two-year certificate program that may help candidates to find an amazing primary teaching job.

Diploma in elementary education((D.El.Ed)– D.El.Ed is a two-year diploma certificate program that trains the students to be good elementary school teachers.

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