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Teacher Student Rapport

The teacher student relationship is one of the most important things students need to experience in their school/college life. The better the teacher student relationship, the better is their overall learning experience. However, it does not end there. A lot of other things make a teacher student relationship vital to a student, teacher, and the school in general. 

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Firstly, as mentioned before, the learning experience of the student is greatly improved. At very early stages of their life, students idolize their teachers and hold them in high regard. During their impressionable years, teachers who make a mark in their life will always impact the students deeply in terms of their perception of the subject as well as the school. In general, the student’s experience in the school will be so radically different if the teacher has a good relationship with the teacher than if they didn’t like the teacher. 

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Another thing is that it motivates the students to come to school. Of course, today, going to school would be quite the challenge because of the pandemic, but it is quite important once everything reopens and everything gets back to normal. Students need to be given incentives to come to school and one of the best ways to do so is through having a good teacher student relationship. 

Student teacher relationships also need to be less formal and more candid in nature. If the teacher is approachable, it makes all the difference to the students and as a result, gives them the exposure and opportunity to talk to their teachers freely and exchange ideas. This not only makes them more comfortable with communicating with their seniors in the future but also helps them get an idea as to how the teacher is outside of school. 

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