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Teacher Information System

The teacher information system is used by the Andhra Pradesh government to keep a database of all the teachers teaching there. It is used to keep track of the complete information of each and every teacher in the state. These details will help teachers when they are applying for awards,  claiming medical reimbursement, promotions, transfers, no-objection certificates for traveling abroad, etc.

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An application for entering their details into the teacher information system is developed and given to the teachers to fill in. This facility is not given to anyone else – it is given directly to the teacher so as to make sure that there are no discrepancies when entering the information. However, this means that there is no proofing system, so the data entered by the teacher is considered the final draft and published as such, so make sure to check and double-check the info before publishing.

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Here are all the things you need to keep ready before sitting down to enter your details into the teacher information system:

  • Mobile Phone to which an OTP will be sent for conformation of identity of the teacher 
  • A digital photo (soft copy) for the purpose of uploading onto the online system
  • If married, the details of the spouse 
  • If the spouse is a Government Employee, all the relevant details as to which government department the above mentioned spouse is working in
  • If the teacher is a Government Teacher, his or her treasury ID
  • All the educational qualifications of the teacher listed in the form of a document
  • All the details of the departmental tests the teacher has passed
  • All the details of the transfers the teacher has asked for or conferred upon
  • All the details of the promotions the teacher has gotten
  • Details of all the teacher’s family members to be included in the health card

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