Teacher Education

Teacher education is an important training program in any educational setup. It deals with procedures, provisions, and policies, to make candidates learn and gain knowledge about various concepts. They get trained to equip themselves with the best teaching skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors which are required to perform effectively in any learning environment like a classroom or school. 

Teacher education helps the teachers to learn how to deal with the students and make them learn effectively. It is an ongoing process as the industry is always evolving and new effective ways of teaching keep emerging. 

Under teacher education, the teachers can be trained on modern concepts and ideas in order to expand their boundaries of knowledge and adapt to the new learning environment.  For example, with the advancing technologies, they are trained on e-teaching and virtual learning methods by teaching them how to handle the technologies and tools for effective teaching. 

When it comes to teacher education, there seem to be several distinct components of it, while the two major ones include pre-service education and in-service education. In pre-service education, the candidates are being educated before they have undertaken any teaching. Alternatively, in-service teacher education refers to education given to candidates that have already begun teaching.

The way the education is carried out is usually a subject of political discussion in several nations, which showcases both the value attached by different cultures and societies to prepare young people for their life. This education is an important element of any education system, which must be reviewed for effectiveness.