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Teacher Education in India

Teacher education in India is most vital to tackle the problems faced by the teaching community today. Ever since the pandemic started, the entire paradigm of teaching, as an industry, shifted online. Nobody, neither the teachers nor the students, were prepared for this radical sideways pull.

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This was accompanied by the teachers being assigned the same work as before in an unfamiliar environment – the digital space. This has made a lot of teachers extremely under-effective as well as nervous. 

However, it begs the question – what is teacher education? It is simply helping teachers acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively impart what they know down to the students in such a way that it is easily understood by them. The people who do this are called teacher educators and they play a very important role in the proper channeling of a teacher’s knowledge and teaching style in a classroom. 

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Teacher education in India is highly important for another reason – education as we know is no longer dynamic. Newer and more innovative ways of teaching are emerging every day from different parts of the world. As education becomes more and more student-centric, teachers should also adapt and make their teaching style more student-oriented. This can be done only when there is proper guidance because a lot of teachers come from different economic backgrounds and might not be aware that these forms of teaching even exist. 

With an average age of 25, India’s student population is quite huge. Even though we have a rather high student-teacher ratio, it can be counterbalanced by a methodical teaching style that envisions a future where students take up the reins of their fate and take the initiative to study for themselves. Teacher education in India, therefore, is the need of the hour, as the charioteer needs to know how to lead the warriors of tomorrow.

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