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Teachers have started to teach online and online teaching has become the new normal. When teachers teach online, it is important to alter the teaching strategies and methods accordingly. Through this article, let us see how one can excel at executing an online class and make the process smooth and efficient. We will be covering the major things to keep in mind when you teach online.

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The online teaching process and the seamlessness of it hugely depends on how one approaches it. In the same light, learning about fundamental issues like technical things, feedback mechanisms, etc. always works in your favor. At the end of the day, you have to accept the fact that it is impossible for everyone to know everything from the start, hence learning is fundamental.

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The traditional model of learning, which includes a physical classroom hugely, endorses the usage of face-to-face teaching and learning, as well as text-based education. However, the modern way of digital teaching has a completely different flow. Online education takes into account a blended, mix of aspects of traditional learning and new age codes. Both models cannot exist in isolation. Online education, though self-sufficient, also requires detailed physical explanation to the students by the teachers, maybe through a phone conversation or while you teach online.

Online teaching is reshaping mainstream education. What we have today is a perfect mix of online education and conventional methods of teaching. Teachers are now also playing the role of a facilitator in a model which is largely led by the students. The most important thing in this scenario is to still keep education as the center point. The focus must be on formative assignments rather than summative ones. The tests or exams must not be judgmental, rather valuable. Furthermore, engaging tasks like group assignments, group discussions, etc., only add to consciousness and presence of mind for the students.

The duration of online sessions must mirror that of the school timings. This adds to the seriousness amongst both teachers as well as students. At the end of the day, it is not about using technology for passing time, rather taking away something valuable and skillful. Having said that, in the set duration, maximum emphasis must be given on research, inquiry, practicing, and introspection rather than students just sitting behind a screen – in all blues and dull! Feedback must also be a vital part of this fixed duration.

The new normal has not only shifted the landscape of education at home but also of that of the working sectors. It is very common that a certain household might have students studying online and professionals doing work from home! This might create a situation where people lack a number of devices at home. A well communicated as well as a well-set timetable is a must in this case so that nobody faces repercussions. In the same light, a place must also be designated for each, to avoid disturbances.

Students’ holistic development must also be taken into account while teaching online. The new model of education has widened the horizons of gaining knowledge, beyond the four walls and blackboard. While scholastic areas must be focused on, the co-scholastic areas must not be ignored. They play a major role in shaping an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. This further makes online classes more engaging. Therefore extracurricular activities like debates, discussions, role-play, one-act plays, interview activities, singing, dancing, etc. must be continued.

Online Education is like the rising sun. It is full of light and opportunities. This model of education is not only providing students to learn from the comforts of their homes, but also providing teachers more opportunities to contribute to the process. Hence, it is important to deal with online spectra of education wisely and deeply, rather than just on the surface!

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