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Synchronous Learning

Synchronous learning or synchronous instruction refers to all the mediums of learning in which the learner and instructor are in the same place at the same time to exchange knowledge. 

With the increase in online education and distance education, synchronous instruction happens in real-time, setting a class on a schedule and requiring login time. The said mode of learning includes live online classes, in-person classes, a whole class, or a small group together in a class.

In this type of learning, the learner usually logs in at a given time that best fits both the learner and the teacher’s schedules. Further, in this learning, the candidate is also required to complete all the assignments given by the instructor. 

With the help of this type of learning, many people can now compensate for the distance in online learning. Many case studies have also proved that students usually found a stronger sense of community with synchronous learning applied by Edtech and e-learning platforms than simply online learning with pre-recorded lectures.

A basic example of the said type of learning can be live school and college lectures because the instructors and students are all in the same place at the same time. Synchronous learning also allows students to participate in class discussions and enables teachers to conduct an interactive class, facilitating a better learning environment.

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