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Student Success

Student success is when a student receives positive outcomes for his hard work. A student’s success is not only measured by the completion of a degree and a higher percentage, but it is also marked by high-quality learning,  understanding, the values he develops, and his personality development.

Student success means that the student is highly skilled and can lead a happy and appropriate professional life. According to several institutions, student success is defined by undertaking traditional programs and several leadership roles. 

There are many different perspectives on success. The administrative perspective of success is primarily focused on healthy competition between students in the classroom. Hence, the administrative definition of success is directly reflected upon the types of grades students get in their classroom. 

Alternatively, a more liberal definition of success focuses on not comparing students with each other. However, in this definition, a student’s success is derived based on a comparison with themselves. Based on the comparison between past grades and present grades, a student’s success rate can be estimated. This provides a better judgment basis for a student’s proficiency.

The ultimate way of achieving success is by supporting the student, both socially and personally. In simple words, the student’s success can be defined as multiple dimensions of personal development such as emotional, social, physical, spiritual, ethical, and intellectual. 

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