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Socratic Method

The Socratic method is the method of pedagogy. It is where the teacher or educator does not give direct information to the students. They ask a series of questions that prompt critical thinking. It helps them to draw the conclusion from the discussion and get some new ideas.

 The Socratic method helps students ask question after question, clear all the contradictions they have in their ideas, and reach a definite conclusion. This method is popular in classrooms today. 

In the Socratic method, students use logic, critical thinking, and reasoning. They have to find gaps in theories and then have to fill up with their knowledge. This method helps the students to develop and master the art of speaking in front of large groups. It sometimes acts as a type of motivation.

As every human is different, some find this process humiliating or intimidating, and for some, it is the opposite. It is a method that results in an engaging, intellectual, and lively atmosphere in the classroom. There exist some hypotheses. By using the mentioned method, we choose the best hypothesis and eliminate all others in which there are some contradictions. For the concepts that do not have any concrete definition, the Socratic method helps to examine the concepts based on some hypothesis and reach a definite conclusion. 

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