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A society can be explained as a group of students doing some activity. These activities are organized either by the school or the students themselves. There are different types of society, such as: 

  1. Educational and academic
  2. Community service
  3. Publication and media
  4. Sports and recreation
  5. Student government
  6. Spiritual and religious
  7. Multicultural or political

The students of these societies perform different activities according to the functions of society. The purpose of all societies may not be that large. Many universities have societies like neighbor’s societies, etc. These are not like secret societies or honor societies, where you have to take a membership. 

These societies are open for all. At the beginning of the academic year, these societies present themselves in front of the new students. The students choose one or more societies based on their interest and become a part of it. These societies charge a nominal amount and use it for insurance or to organize events. These societies help to create a sense of belonging.

It is not a compulsion for any society to be affiliated with a student union. These societies aim at promoting a belief system or any activity. Some societies accept specific university students, and some accept all.

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