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REET Cut Off – How to Pass the Exam

The Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers, or REET, is one of the most competitive exams in the state. The REET is taken by thousands of students every year to become qualified for the posts of government teachers. Despite the high number of candidates appearing for the exam, candidates find the exam preparations a challenge due to the high REET cut off and the vast REET syllabus. 

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How To Pass The REET Exam? 

In order to succeed at such a competitive exam, the candidates must be very cautious of the REET cut off when planning to prepare by themselves. One mistake will prevent them from succeeding. It is possible to take the REET exam by preparing by yourself, but this can also have certain disadvantages and benefits. A suitable guide will make it easier to prepare for the exam. 

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If the student is pursuing self-study, many things must be taken into consideration to ensure the REET exam preparation proceeds smoothly. Students can prepare for the test themselves and pass it with flying colors using certain study guides based on the REET syllabus. The following are some other suggestions for effective preparations: 

  • Using video lectures

Candidates who have decided on self-study must make use of all the resources that are available to them in the market. Video lectures are one such facility. Candidates who intend to self-study can make use of expert classes’ online video lectures, which let them experience a classroom environment and learn from teachers in a real-time setting. They can use this feature instead of spending precious time on travel to coaching classes. This type of study material is highly well-structured and covers the entire syllabus, which is an excellent aid for students, and also helps them to study independently.

  • Make sure your study materials are of high quality

While studying independently, the quality of your study materials is extremely important and must help resolve any questions or concerns you may have during the preparation period. Study material from a reliable source is, therefore, a necessity. Expert classes’ REET e-books and study material are a single-stop solution for this purpose as they are entirely prepared by subject experts. This ensures students don’t have to turn to other books or references. Try and access e-books that are of very simple and easy-to-understand language, which makes studying for the exam extremely straightforward.

  • Listen to audio lectures to learn

Research has shown that listening to audio is five times more effective for learning than reading a text. An audio recording stays in our memory for a long time, leaving a lasting impression on our brains. You can cover a more significant portion of the syllabus when you listen as opposed to reading. Listening is also a faster method than reading. Learning chapters through audio lectures is like listening to music. With the convenience of listening to lectures anytime and anywhere, students can complete the syllabus in a short period. You can listen to lectures by experts who have passed the exam and matched the REET cut off. 

  • Tests and question papers from previous years

Solving previous years’ question papers after completing the REET syllabus gives you an idea regarding the exam and helps you get mentally prepared for it. An idea of how the exam will be set up and what questions to expect can be obtained from it. You will have the chance to self-assess your performance and level of preparation when you give mock tests, which is an important process to maximize your performance and level of preparation. 

Students can select from a variety of test series, REET previous year papers, and REET mock tests available on various platforms. These enable them to prepare themselves for the exam by using the resources provided in one place. Check for earlier REET cut offs and try to score higher than them in practice papers. 

  • Create a note-taking system

The self-study process is not complete without making notes. It is very beneficial to have notes when reviewing concepts and to revise more quickly before exams. There are apps that extend the option of writing personal notes in the e-notes, a feature that is highly helpful to students who can scribble over the notes for later viewing. Several apps allow students to highlight text and create flashcards based on the highlighted text. For REET students who self-study, these features will be extremely helpful.

  • Playlists of videos

Many platforms can offer the facility of importing videos from YouTube and making a playlist directly within the app so that students can incorporate any relevant video from YouTube into the app and create a playlist they can access. Students can watch all the important videos, like those on YouTube or any other app, from one place and view them as many times as they need through an in-app playlist. 

  • Guidance can be provided by teachers

REET exam preparation is very important, and getting proper guidance is essential. When taking a class for REET through the many apps, candidates can access handwritten PDFs written by the teachers. Such handwritten material can help them understand the concepts far better and is extremely beneficial for students wishing to prepare themselves. Understand the REET cut-off of both the current and past years and pose your queries to the teachers.  

The Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan (BSER) conducts REET recruitment every year to fill positions for teachers. Considering the upcoming exam, it is now time to get started on your preparation. Before you prepare for the 2021 REET Examination, you should be familiar with the REET cut off. There is a new Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers, also known as REET Recruitment Notification. In this year’s job market, teachers expect that 31,000-plus vacancies will be available. 

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