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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for REET

REET preparation can be challenging if you don’t know about the mistakes that most candidates make. Read on to know what they are not to make the same mistakes!

Preparing for the Rajasthan Eligibility Exam for Teachers (REET exam) can be a tough nut to crack for some candidates, while it may look like a cakewalk for others. 

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The examination is held once every year and sees a large pool of aspirants appearing for the exam with full vigor and hardcore REET preparation that might have taken them months or sometimes even a whole year!

But despite long and endless hours of REET preparation, some candidates do not end up getting the cutoff marks. Have you ever wondered what winning preparation strategy all qualifying candidates follow and what pitfalls they avoid while preparing for the REET exam? 

Here are five tips that we have put together for all REET exam candidates. These are five mistakes that all candidates should avoid during their preparation. These are some of the most common mistakes that can end up being the deciding factor in whether or not your preparation strategy will help you clear the cutoff. 

  • Starting the preparation without knowing all about the REET exam first

Most candidates who plan on sitting for the REET exam are not well aware of the specifics of the exam, like who is the exam conducting body, what is the eligibility criteria and whether or not they meet it, how many vacancies are opened up for the particular year, job profile, what to expect if they clear the exam, etc. 

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Neglecting such specifics can cause more harm than it may appear, especially in the long run. The student may not be meeting the eligibility conditions and wouldn’t know about it until their application form is rejected. It may also happen that the candidate ends up losing interest in taking the exam because of not being fully aware of how the exam can advance their career. 

To avoid such disappointing experiences during the preparation, it is advised that all candidates be absolutely clear on everything there is to know about the REET exam. 

  • Not forming a daily routine

Routine and discipline in following that routine are very important when preparing for such a competitive examination. Not having a proper routine will hamper the candidate’s ability to complete the syllabus in time. To avoid this, all candidates must first plan out a daily routine that is easy for them to follow throughout the preparation period. 

  • Following other’s recommendations about the study material blindly

No book or course can give a candidate a 100% guarantee of clearing the REET exam. Acknowledging this, candidates should only pick study material that is easy for them to study from, a handy material that will help them get through the entire syllabus within the time frame they have decided. 

  • Not having enough time for revisions

Simply going through the syllabus once is usually not enough if the candidate wants to score decent marks. Depending on their own capacity and time available, candidates should make time for at least one thorough revision round of all they have studied. This revision should start at least a month before the exam. Revising the material will help the candidates remember everything and not miss out on any important topics. 

  • Underestimating mock tests 

Mock tests are gravely important for candidates taking the REET exam. Mock tests help familiarize the aspirant with the pattern of the actual examination. By monitoring the time they take in completing every mock paper, the candidate will be able to increase their speed and accuracy for the final day of the exam, giving them an edge over their competitors. 


REET preparation can seem intimidating to many candidates when they first decide to appear for the REET exam. But it doesn’t have to be!

After knowing about all the common mistakes that candidates make while preparing for the exam, you are already one step ahead! So, make sure to pay attention to them while preparing for the REET exam, and you will have no trouble in qualifying. All the best!

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