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The 86th Constitution Amendment Act of 2002 mandates that all children get free and obligatory elementary education. The RTE act or Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill of 2008 aims to put this Amendment into practice. Every kid aged six to fourteen years old has the right to free and compulsory primary education in a neighborhood school.

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Until the end of elementary education, no kid shall be held back, expelled, or compelled to pass a board examination. Schools are not allowed to screen candidates or impose capitation fees throughout the admissions process. A certificate will be given to a child who has completed elementary school.

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At least 25% of pupils from disadvantaged and economically poorer groups must be admitted to Navodaya Vidyalayas, Sainik Schools, and unaided schools. A person who wishes to file a grievance must make a formal complaint with the local government. The State Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights or the specified body will decide on appeals. If the authorities fail to offer the right to elementary education, there are no explicit sanctions. The state government and local governments are also responsible for providing free and obligatory elementary education. It’s possible that by sharing this responsibility, neither government will be held accountable. The RTE act guarantees that children have access to education and physical infrastructure, but it does not guarantee that they will learn. It protects government schools from any repercussions if they fail to reach the required standards. The constitutionality of reserving spaces in private schools for economically disadvantaged students could be questioned. This Rte act does not exempt minority schools from its provisions. 

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