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Rote Memory

Rote Memory

Rote memory is the process of learning things by repeating them, you memorize by repeating. This helps students to recall what they have learned and helps them to remember basic knowledge about the concept. To make it more clear what rote memory is, we can take an example, we all have learned tables, it is the part of rote memory.

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We can take one more example, when we learn the elements of a periodic table, we repeat the names, we do so to remember it for a long time. It is found to be very beneficial to teach basic concepts of Mathematics. It is especially helpful for primary students, to learn basic concepts, they memorize the concepts by repeating them.

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Not only for maths, but it is also effective in other subjects, in English, students learn vocabulary and spelling which is a part of rote learning. There are various characteristics of rote learning like it is the most basic type of learning, it is mechanical, you have to revise it again and again, it is mainly for primary students.

Many times in higher classes it is advised not to follow this type of learning. It helps in improving memory, as we memorize things in it.

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