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Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice is one of the most powerful learning strategies. It is an act where one tries to recall the information without having a particular piece of information in front.

Retrieval practice is really beneficial for long-term learning. It is a powerful strategy that helps teachers, as well. When teachers teach something, they want the students to learn it in a better way. Therefore, instead of simply reviewing their content, they will try to pull the concepts out of the children’s brain. This aids the students to learn those concepts better. The next step includes asking the students if they got the answer right.

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The feedback also plays a vital role in this process. Because if the students retrieve the wrong information, then the practice will not be beneficial unless they find the right piece of information. There are specific ways or techniques through which the retrieval practice can be performed in the classroom. With the help of low-stakes quizzes, brain dumps, think-pair-share, and flashcards, teachers can help their students perform retrieval practice.  

Retrieval practice is just a learning strategy, and not a tool for measuring the student’s intelligence level or to give them grades for their assessment. It is more like a testing strategy. This needs a practice that would match in the evaluation. The approach is more powerful when done from time to time, rather than doing it in a single long session. 

For example, if a student is studying the system of a human body which includes muscular details, skeletal parts, respiratory system, and so on, the student can attempt to take the names of those systems or components without looking at the list. After listing down the names, the student can check in their book if they got them correct. This proves to be a retrieval practice for students.

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