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Retired Teacher Wishes

Retired Teacher Wishes

Who is a retired teacher? What is age for retirement of teachers in India? What are some best ways to wish retired teachers? What are best retired teacher wishes?

These are a few frequently asked questions about retired teachers. If you have the same questions, this article is for you. Let us start with knowing a little more about the retired teachers.

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A retired teacher is an individual who has provided their teaching services to the teaching institutions till the age they were eligible for teaching. Such candidates can not continue teaching after crossing the age limit. Different institutions may have different age criteria for retirement. However, the age criteria generally remains 60 years. Which means that teachers of up to sixty years of age can teach in a institute, and after that they will be known as retired teachers and non-eligible for teaching.

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The best gift that the students can give to their retired or soon to be retired teachers is a personalized gift or a note/greeting card. Students can use various quotations in order to thank the teachers, they can also use good poems for the same. Retired teacher wishes to stay connected to their students, therefore, students should stay connected with their teachers.

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