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Retention Meaning

The dictionary definition of retention meaning is the continued possession, use, or control of something. However, another retention meaning is also there in the realm of education and is very important in the context of education because it is vital to learning anything. Learning retention is the process of gathering new information and proceeding to store it in long-term memory.

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This means that the student will effectively take in the information and will be able to recall it in the future at will. Without retaining what has been learned, it will leave the short-term memory after a certain amount of time and the student would forget it. To improve the learning retention of a student, it is essential to find strategies and solutions that would make sure that the student engages with the material. This will help the brain identify this new information as important. 

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There are a lot of strategies to improve learning retention – the most common one being repetition. Repeating something over and over again trains the brain to believe that the information in this particular sequence is of relatively higher importance, and so it proceeds to store that information in the long-term memory of the brain. Another strategy to improve learning retention is meaningful learning. Meaningful learning refers to the learning process that involves understanding the meaning and significance of what is being learned instead of simply mugging up the information, which is known as rote learning

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