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Resume for Freshers

Resume for Freshers

A resume is a formal document that outlines the complete course of one’s career from their educational background to their current qualifications and achievements. It functions to highlight one’s attributes and convince the employer that they are worth hiring. A good resume is clear, concise, and draws the attention of the interviewer. 

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While an experienced person can provide an impressive list of their work history and relevant skills, a fresher with no previous history save for their educational qualifications faces the difficulty of compiling a resume that stands out from the rest. On that account, a resume for freshers requires a different approach, one that focuses on their talents and extracurricular activities; such a resume commonly follows a more functional format. 

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The following tips can help in compiling an effective resume for freshers:

  • Start with your name and contact information- adding personal details is a requirement by default for identification purposes. One is required to provide their full name, address(city or state), their contact number and email address. This comes in handy especially when you live close to the office of the company you’re applying for. 
  • Depending on the requirements, links to social media, blogs or websites can also be added, provided that the content is relevant to the job description.
  • Enumerate your various educational qualifications. Make sure to mention any training courses and workshops you have attended that adds to your experience in the respective fields.
  • Add in any extracurricular activities that you may have participated in, anything ranging from volunteer work to internships.
  • Highlight your positive attributes which fit in with the skill set required for the job. This displays a certain level of confidence in your abilities which gives your resume some weight.
  • Keep your resume short and eye-catching but not too flashy; this gives it a touch of individuality but maintains its professionalism.

 Last of all, do not forget to proofread your resume by cross-checking for typos or factual errors. Reading it aloud to a friend or peer might help you gain some insight into how your resume sounds to an outsider. 

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