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परिणाम – Result

परिणाम is the Hindi word for the result. At the end of completing a task, the output that a person receives is known as Result (परिणाम). Students receive Result (परिणाम) when they appear for the exam. A teacher gets result or परिणाम when their students score good marks in the exams. The one best way to score well in exams is to prepare well or having a good exam preparation. The assessment of the knowledge and ability of a person on a particular subject is known as an exam. The preparation done to appear for any exam is called exam preparation.

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Exam preparation is designed to improve the performance of a student on a standardized test. This preparation can also be explained as test preparation, tutoring service, educational course, or educational material.

Usually, preparation is done for the tests like an entrance examination for higher education. Like MCAT for medical school, LSAT for law school, etc.

For preparing for exams, there are different resources and options are available for the students. Resources like mind maps, tutors, study guides, mock exams, courses, study groups, etc. Teachers must help students prepare for exams.

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Nowadays many educators and companies are providing educational material for preparation. They are providing online learning tools as well as a hard copy of the same material. Exam preparation material includes books, websites, software, and other printed matter.

Different coaching institutes are also guiding for preparation. These exam preparations help students to score well in exams in which they are appearing. The institutions charge a certain amount from the students seeking guidance for preparation.

There are many educators who provide basic preparation material free of cost and then charge for premium content.

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