Research refers to a detailed analysis of a particular phenomenon of interest using a different technique, such as reading about the topic or using any scientific method. It can be about studies, psychology, medicine, science, etc. 

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Research begins with a question or a problem that leads people to study it in detail to get answers or solutions. Researching is a multi-faceted investigation of complex issues in real life. Research needs a lot of time, reputation, different angles of looking at a particular subject, a dedicated focus that leads to expertise in the end. 

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Research involves in-depth detailed evaluation, and a related case study can help understand a particular subject. At the beginning of the experience, a student may face a tough time adjusting to overloaded information about a specific issue or topic. There are always numerous experiments that have been done and different versions of the stories to learn. 

Researching is a balance between conducting experiments, studies, and endless note-taking. The experiments sometimes become a series of fierce actions interrupted by periods of waiting for the next step to decide whether the experiment is successful or failed.

For example, the Indian National Science Foundation offers Science undergraduates Experiences Course during summer school and offers to cover the student’s travel expenses to different conferences for five weeks. 

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