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Research Methodology ppt

Students should have a Research methodology ppt to increase their knowledge about research methodology. A good research strategy provides scientifically sound findings, whereas a poor methodology produces none. The emphasis on words, statistics, or both distinguish qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods strategies.

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When the study’s goals and objectives are confirmatory, however, a quantitative methodology is frequently used. To evaluate the relationship between two variables or to test a set of hypotheses, a quantitative methodology could be utilised. Students select a random sample from the group of people they are interested in when they use probability sampling. If students use a random sample, the results of your study will be generalizable to the entire population.

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In other words, students can assume the same outcomes across the board without gathering data from the entire group. It could, for example, mean using a convenience sample rather than a random sample, which entails interviewing or polling people students already know. Non-probability sampling results are rarely generalizable. Research methodology ppt is very useful for students. If students are not able to find a suitable Research methodology ppt, they can ask their teachers to provide it to them. Students should make notes while reading the topics. Teachers should help students to understand the topics nicely. 

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